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What Is 3D Rendering and How Important It Is for Real Estate Companies?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

3D renderings are everywhere. Nowadays, you can’t find a single field that does not use hyper-realistic visuals- something that exists only in imagination a couple of years back. The details, clarity and beauty they deliver give you this ‘I want to experience’ feel. So do you want to know how they achieve it? If yes, keep reading to find out what 3D rendering is and its significance in real estate.

What Is 3D Architectural Rendering?

3D rendering or 3D architectural rendering is nothing but computer-generated imagery(CGI) of architectural design that you see from brochures to advertisements. 3D rendering uses special computer software to create 3-dimensional models of construction projects. It may be anything from interiors, exteriors to elevations.

The 3D rendering process involves creating a high-quality 2-dimensional image from the 3D models generated. It is a one-shot picture that includes all the design details, including the textures and lighting.


Why Use 3D Renderings in Real Estate Marketing?

Imagine going through a layout or a mere hand-sketched floor plan- what do you see in your mind? You may or may not end up building it out and see yourself in it. Besides, it’s boring. On the other hand, 3D renderings give you the actual visuals that are easy enough to carry yourself into the virtual scenario. How compelling is that? And that’s exactly why the real estate industry has a close connection with architectural renderings. Precisely, through 3d renderings, property developers showcase the lifestyle and dreams that you want to live.

3D renderings are perfect real estate marketing tools. They provide accurate visuals of buildings or interiors far before the completion of the construction project. It brings life to various contributing features and elements of a development project while still in the design stage. Thus, it makes pre-construction marketing a more refined and successful way of displaying and advertising projects.

Moreover, 3D renderings are an incredibly beneficial tool for architects, interior designers and property developers. It fills the gap between the architect’s vision and how clients see that in their minds. So it gives a clear-cut idea of how the finished project is going to look.


Benefits of 3D Renderings

Architectural rendering offers innumerable benefits to the real estate industry. You can see some of the key benefits here:

  • 3D rendering creates high-quality blueprints of interior and exterior designs that are easy to understand, visualise and assess. Hence it makes the design process much easier, faster and effective.

  • Talk about modifications? With 3D renderings, the modification process is quite simple, unlike the difficulties of 2D sketches. Besides, it saves builders and designers from making costly errors during construction.

  • 3D renderings give you the opportunity of creating multiple designs for the same proposal. Hence it makes the design flexible enough both for the stakeholders and clients.

  • 3D renderings are realistic. It is a perfect alternative to virtual staging as they look unrealistic and tedious at times.

Are you looking for professional 3D architectural rendering services? Contact us for jaw-dropping visuals.


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