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How Do You Show a Property Listing That’s Under Construction?

As a resilient and dynamic industry, the real estate industry has seen lots of ups and downs over the years. Regardless of the pattern, more players continue to pile up, trying to make it big. You could only imagine the amount of competition and challenges it throws along the way of emerging and well-established realtors.

If there’s one way to stand ahead of the competition, you have to attract clients faster. A healthy client list is all you need to stay forward in the real estate industry. Then comes the question- how do you possibly attract clients for a project that’s still under construction? Well, thanks to 3D renderings, the finest innovation to envision a property that’s going to look just the same after its construction. There are three ways in which you can showcase your project right from the design phase.


3D Floor Plans

3D floorplans are among the best ways to promote your ongoing project that gives a high-quality picture of the house or commercial building that’s still under construction. A 3D floorplan is a virtual three-dimensional visualization of a 2D floorplan. It provides a better understanding of the interior- the space utilization, the architecture, furnishing, and the dimensions. As you can tell, they are not a mere black and white drawing but a real-life picture that helps clients to understand and picturise effortlessly.

Benefits of 3D Floor Plans

-It offers a realistic idea of the interior

-Accurate in terms of dimension and space

-Easy to understand

-Superior design strategy and visual impact

-Affordable and time-saving

-Quick and compatible with multiple platforms


3D Exterior Renderings

3D exterior renderings are one of the best ways to stir curiosity and instil interest among your potential audience for your ongoing project effectively. A high quality exterior rendering differentiates you from the rest of your competitors. It gives a clearer vision of the exterior plan and design of your project in a photorealistic image.

Benefits of 3D Exterior Renderings

-Easy to visualise exterior plans

-It gives life to the entire project

-Drives more attention

-Conveys the overall aesthetics of the project effortlessly

-Serves as a superior marketing tool

-Aids easy decision-making process among clients


360° Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are yet another effective ways to promote and showcase your project on a whole new level. You may wonder if it is possible to make a virtual tour of a project under construction? Yes, that’s the marvel of modern 3D rendering services. Virtual tours or walkthroughs convey better visuals and details, just like a real open house experience. So it builds trust and provides a sense of commitment much faster.

Benefits of 360° Virtual Tours

Interactive and immersive visuals

Builds personal connection with the clients

Easy to understand and follow

It offers views from multiple angles for clarity

Enhances your presence on the online search

It brings more leads in a short period


Now that you know the different 3D renderings you can use for your property listing- choose the right one for your ongoing project. Contact us for more information and 3D architectural rendering services.

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