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What Are the Types of Architectural Renderings and How To Order One?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

3D architectural renderings are predominantly used in real estate and construction companies for assessments, presentation and marketing purposes. In this article, let’s talk about the types of architectural renderings and how to order one effortlessly for your business.

Types of Architectural Rendering Services

Did you know? Through architectural renderings, it is possible to visualise a construction project in different phases, right before the construction begins. And how exactly? Through different architectural renderings. Given below are the three main types of architectural renderings:


Exterior Rendering

As the name suggests, exterior renderings are the views from the outside of the building. It can be anything from a single building to condominiums, commercial buildings, resorts or villas. Exterior architectural rendering is a crucial marketing element, as it gives the picture of the building in its intended location. So it can just shed light on the building itself or the adjacent buildings and provide a complete view of the landscape. Most importantly, it gives better clarity of the space and surroundings to achieve practicality.

Interior Rendering

Interior rendering is for the space inside a room or a commercial building. It is complex as it involves space planning, layout and lots of detailing on various elements such as light, shadow, colour, texture and angles to furnishings and ceiling. Together with virtual walkthroughs, interior renderings serve as a leading real estate marketing tool. Moreover, interior architectural renderings are beneficial as they offer an easy and efficient design change.

Aerial Rendering

Aerial rendering offers a view from the top of the building. It gives an astonishing view from the top showing the neighbourhood or just the development project on a grand scale. 3D aerial renderings also help to visualise the building from different views and angles. Therefore, it assists developers in better planning and development.


Our Architectural Rendering Process

Our 3D rendering process is easy, straightforward and affordable. We give life to your rough sketches in two simple steps.

1. Let Us Know About Your Project

The first step is to discuss in detail everything about your project. So tell us everything about how you like and what you would like to see in your project- from colours, textures, furnishings to outdoor settings- your requirements, your likes and dislike. We’ll make sure that we cover all the aspects of your project and make possible suggestions. If there is any sample that you would like to work on for your project, we welcome that. Further, we can also work on an existing rendering.

2. We Get Into Modelling Your Design

So once we know and learn everything about your design, we get to work on it. Our highly professional architectural rendering team can work on your project and turn it into amazing renderings shortly. We are fully open to corrections or re-edits if at all needed. Most importantly, we make sure that you are fully satisfied and happy with our renderings because we understand how much it means to you.


So reach out to us if you are looking for high-quality 3D renderings for your construction and design project.


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